Aaron Hill

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Aaron has successfully built markets and products from the ground up on multiple occasions in his career. Serving as a Sales Manager for Windstream Communications, he oversaw the successful marketing of their residential landline and broadband services in Nebraska and Iowa. Within nine months of a corporate acquisition of a struggling Iowa Telecom, his market was the highest producing residential telecommunications market within Windstream's direct marking footprint. All of this was accomplished despite having an industrywide decrease in landline usage and overall subscriber base, and having the smallest per capita market within the company.

Serving as Vice President of Business Development for Team Housing Solutions, Inc he was able to demonstrate unmatched performance in sales and revenue creation. The company had previously performed consistently with modest bottom lines annually for the 10 years prior to his taking over that position. Within one year, he had facilitated a monumental increase in billed revenues, increasing company EBITDA to 10x the annual average. This was primarily accomplished by developing and incorporating out-of-the-box product lines that utilized the company’s strengths, while meeting ever-changing client demand for shorter-term agreements and lower prices. Mr. Hill is licensed in real estate, and studied Business Analysis and Management at Bellevue University. He is an accomplished musician, a clean energy advocate, husband, father, and an aspiring natural farmer.

Kyle Stephens

Chief Financial Officer, Founder

Kyle comes from a background of starting up services and new products in a variety of industries. He received his undergraduate degree in Finance from Texas State University and his Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in Austin.

While working as a financial analyst for National HME, a medical supply company, Mr. Stephens developed a project to give the company access to a much wider market by subcontracting services to its competitors. This allowed the company access to all markets throughout the country from one central location. This created a fundamental shift in the business strategy for not only National HME, but also for the entire medical equipment rental industry. After two years, Mr. Stephens was able to show that he could maintain higher profit margins than the rest of the company through efficient management of his project. At the time of his departure, his project accounted for 30% of National HME’s revenue and was growing at a rate of 300% per year.

While employed at Visa Inc., Mr. Stephens helped create a centralized global financial center. This involved the consolidation of accounting and accounts payable responsibilities from Central Europe, Africa, and South America into a single hub in Austin, TX. Once the finance center was fully operational, Mr. Stephens was assigned to a project to transition a contact center from Miami to Austin. At the time of this writing, Mr. Stephens’ project has met all pre-planned transition deadlines and is on track for successful completion.

Mr. Stephens has also served as the Director of Operations for a small irrigation parts supply company called Wade Connectors Inc. When he took the position, the company was struggling to pay monthly bills and had dropped below its breakeven point. After two months, Mr. Stephens reduced expenses by 40% and streamlined logistics. As of August 2015, the company has seen a complete turnaround due to stellar implementation of sound procedures and financial management.

Jim Bledsoe

Chief Operating Officer, Founder

Blessed to have been an integral part in the development and emergence of World Class industry leaders such as FedEx and Pulte Home Corporation, Jim Bledsoe is a values-based leader, incorporating integrity, vision and business maturity to each organization with which he becomes associated.

Mr. Bledsoe’s 20 year career at FedEx took him from a part time hourly employee while in college to the executive ranks in various operating divisions within the company.  Upon leaving FedEx, he was one of the early eCommerce pioneers with Shoppers Express.  Later recruited into the executive ranks at Pulte Homes, Mr. Bledsoe was VP of operations for the Mid Atlantic Region with responsibility for seven divisions producing 2,500 homes and $700M in revenue annually.

For the past 15 years, Mr. Bledsoe has been a consultant and entrepreneur, serving as COO and CEO for three companies and advisor to many.  Areas of focus have been senior level executive search, sustainable/energy efficient development and transportation.

Mr. Bledsoe has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Memphis State University.  He has been chairman of the board for March of Dimes, actively involved in fundraising committees for the ALS Association and currently a member of Make a Wish’s Board of Trustees.  He serves as coach and mentor to Austin area entrepreneurs, young professionals and college students.  He is a proud husband of 32+ years to Cynthia, and father to Dalton and Lauren, both off to great career starts of their own.

In addition to the founders, Light Harvest Communities, LLC executive team, advisory board, and contracted consultants contain over 100 years of residential and hospitality experience. Together, they will show the world how to live as one with our environment in the most urban of settings.